GoFundMe Program Launched to Support COVID-19 Victims

Addis ababa: A group has launched GoFundMe program to raise fund that supports the needy whose problems have been aggravated by the occurrence of COVID-19 in Ethiopia.

Speaking to journalist today, Obang Metho, Chairman of the group dubbed “Sew Negn” called on all to collaborate and mobilize resources to fight COVID-19.

Obang, who is also a human rights activist, called on stakeholders from different sectors of the society and the Ethiopian Diaspora to provide support in order to save the country and the people from the emerging threat of Coronavirus.

The group “Sew Negn” is ready to help, serve, protect and save the lives Ethiopians and beyond, the chairman underlined.

Yonas Zewdie, Advisor to the Prime Minister, urged on his part all concerned bodies to save lives by capitalizing on the tested “one dollar for one person” principle.

He further urged Ethiopians to share food and money with the vulnerable citizens.

In a related development, the group has received a 15-seat car to provide services for three months donation from Ethio Car Importers Association.

The group has extended 5,000 Birr cash to four charity groups each, and 400,000 Birr worth cloths last week.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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