GERD Discussion Needs to Focus on Technical Issues, be Mediated in Africa: President Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame said discussions on the pending issues of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) need to focus on technical analysis of experts and be mediated at the African platform.

President Sahlework Zewde and President Paul Kagame of Rwanda discussed on a range of issues including bilateral and regional issues on Monday, according to Ethiopian Office of the President.

During the discussion, President Kagame said priorities on the Nile River riparian countries should be given to technical issues and agreements can follow.

Mutual interests of the countries can well be reflected as long as the technical analysis is backed up by experts, Kagame expressed his hope.

According to him, other riparian countries’ rights to use the Nile waters for development have to equally be recognized as Egypt considers the Nile River as a ‘matter of survival’.

Mentioning that the Nile River issue is of all riparian countries, President Kagame stressed “disputes on the issue have to be mediated at African platform and Rwanda is ready to contribute its part.”

Both leaders stated that the two countries relationship is based on a solid foundation which in turn is playing a vital role in strengthening the people-to-people relations.

President Sahlework briefed her Rwandan counterpart about the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Furthermore, President Sahlework stated that Ethiopia, since the commencement of GERD construction, has been playing positive role in creating a tripartite platforms to build trust and avoid any significant harm on the downstream countries.

Source: Ethiopia News agency