Formalizing Sudan’s Peace Deal Momentous for the Entire Region: Pres. Sahlework

Addis Abeba  President Sahlework Zewudie said formalizing the peace deal reached between the Government of Sudan and rebels will have a huge impact on the peace and security of the entire region and beyond.

On Saturday President Sahlework has arrived in Juba to witness the signing ceremony of a peace agreement between the Transitional Government of Sudan and rebel groups, the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, and the Sudan Liberation Movement.

Three major groups signed the first-round deal last August including two factions from the western region of Darfur and one from the southern region following after months of talks hosted by the South Sudan government.

On the occasion, President Sahlework said the formalizing the peace agreement is indeed a milestone as it will help as a springboard to lasting peace in Sudan after nearly two decades of bloody conflicts.

The President noted that the peace deal is also a significant step to ensure a conflict-free Africa in line with the African Union 2020 theme of “Silencing the Guns.”

“This will have a huge impact not only for the Sudanese but for the entire region and indeed to the continent as it is a very significant peace deal for Sudan and beyond,” she added.

The president highlighted that this momentous achievement resolves decades of conflicts and suffering, it will also require firm and steadfast commitment to execute the accord fully and without setbacks.

Chadian President Idriss Déby and the Prime Ministers of Egypt and Uganda were among regional officials and politicians who witnessed the formalization of the peace deal in Juba.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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