Ethiopian Diplomats Vow to Promote Tourism after Visiting Magnificent Attractions

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian diplomats, who visited the newly completed Sheger, Enteto and Unity Parks in the capital city, said the sites are magnificent attractions that would help them promote tourism.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to China, Teshome Toga told ENA that China is among the best tourist potentials for Ethiopia and his embassy will vigorously promote the tourism potential in Ethiopia.

According to him, the “embassy has completed a strategic study to exploit the untapped tourist potential in China. About 200 million Chinese nationals visit the world every year.”

The study of course requires discussion with the pertinent institutions in Ethiopia to undertake promotion and marketing works, he added.

Ethiopian Airlines which transports Chinese nationals from 5 destinations in China needs to be used for tourism during post-COVID-19.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to USA, Fitsum Arega expressed his hope that Ethiopia would be among the few countries for best tourism destination after COVID-19, especially if enough tourist destination development endeavors are accomplished.

“I hope Ethiopia will be the best tourist destination after the pandemic as we are observing eagerness to visit the country from the Diaspora community in the U.S., and even residents in this city and other countries,” he noted.

Forbes has listed Ethiopia among the seven major tourism destinations and raising stars for travel in the world during the post-COVID-19 period in its June, 2020 publication.

Both ambassadors noted that tourist destination developments need to be enhanced to effectively exploit the tourism potential in Ethiopia.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Birtukan Ayano said on the occasion the impressive parks that beautified the capital city are attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors.

She urged the diplomats to promote the tourism potentials in Ethiopia for the international community.

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Dina Mufti said “the visit could be very instrumental to attract tourism as the diplomats can now say ‘come and visit Ethiopia’ with full confidence.”



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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