Ethiopian Ambassadors Vow to Continue Diplomatic Course on GERD

Addis Ababa Explaining the reasonable stand of Ethiopia on the GERD to the world and consolidating the participation of the diaspora until the completion of the dam will continue in an organized manner, Ethiopian ambassadors said.

Minnesota and Midwest Consul General, Abdulaziz Mohammed told ENA that comprehensive work has been underway to inform the international community that the dam is being built in compliance with international law.

He added that the consul had been explaining that the dam is being built based on the principle of equitable utilization and mutual benefit without causing significant harm to downstream countries.

According to him, understanding has been reached that Ethiopia, the country that contributes 86 percent of Nile waters, is building the dam with the view to uplifting its citizens from poverty.

Ambassador Abdulaziz noted that the diaspora has shown big interest in supporting the dam both in finance and knowledge, following the first phase filling of GERD.

He stressed that all-round efforts would be exerted to encourage the diaspora to consolidate its support and explain the multifaceted uses of the dam.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Ahmed stated on his part that his embassy has been making Ethiopia’s position clear to Arab countries.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Redwan Hussein said reflecting Ethiopia’s position on GERD is one of the priorities of the embassies and counsels.

Nowadays many countries have come to understand Ethiopia’s stand, the state minister said,  adding that “ this does not mean, however, that they are standing by our side.”

Redwan underlined that the ambassadors are working to make the world understand that more than 60 million Ethiopians have no access to electricity.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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