Ethiopia: Textile Factory Completes 86m Br Expansion

By Dawit Endeshaw

Acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment signals completion of Phase One, in a three-phased expansion project

Almeda Textile Factory has finalized its 86 million Br expansion that took place over the past six months in a bid to increase its fabric production capacity by 100pc.

The expansion is the first of three stages and focused mainly on replacing machinery with the latest products. The company has imported Rieter brand C-70 carding machines, a New Draw Frame finisher machine and an Open End R-35 from Germany and Switzerland , as well as a Muratec winding machine from Japan. These are said to be easy to maintain, and demand fewer spare parts than the replaced machinery.

Energy saving was another objective as the machines the company changed, took a lot of time to power on and off.

“These are easily manageable,” said Tekelemariam Tesfu, general manager of the factory.

The company’s productivity will now be enhanced. Spinning, the production of thread, which used to yield 20,000kg per day will now increase five-fold. This will enable the company to fulfil its own production requirements, and also look for export opportunities, thereby saving 30 million Br to 40 million Br. These costs are incurred by Almeda annually for the purchase of thread from other factories.


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