Ethiopia Needs to Take Lessons from China in Containing the Spread of COVID-19: Ambassador

Ethiopia needs to take lessons from China’s successful fight against Covid-19 by implementing robust measures at home and enhancing public awareness, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to China said.

In an interview with ENA, Ambassador Teshome Toga said China’s strong legal measures, coordinative moves with various stakeholders and among other measures helped the country to contain the devastating impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

“The measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the way China has been responding is really an exemplary what I think Ethiopia must be tailored to the domestic context,” he stated.

The ambassador explained that China has been following the principles of early detection, quarantine and treatment, which the country has brought about successful battle with the virus.

So, Ethiopia has to experience this containment method without any reservation, he urged.

Mentioning how China mobilize voluntary groups in health sector and pursued aggressive administrative measures, Ambassador Teshome said these principles are the main content that Ethiopia should apply and implement the practice at the grassroots level.

Noting that early in the outbreak of the virus, China was reporting 3,800 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day, however, the number of new cases continues to decrease 200 cases in everyday as a result of preventative measures taken by the Government of China, he added.

Appreciating Ethiopian government which has been taking extraordinary measures since the outbreak of the virus, Ambassador Teshome called for limiting the transmission of COVID-19 through social distancing, quarantine, and careful hand and respiratory hygiene.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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