Ethiopia: Four Hawassa Hotels Get Four Stars

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism announced the four hotels in Hawassa have earned four stars each.

Hotel star rating, which first started in Addis Abeba, has now reached resorts and hotels of the Southern Nations Ethiopian region. Forty one of these hotels and resorts were prepared for the rating by experts from the Ministry, but only 28 of were rated. Most of them are located along the banks of Rift Valley lakes.

The results bring good news for Hawassa, the capital of the Region, 275Km south of Addis Abeba. Four of its hotels, namely, Haile Resort, Ker-Awud International Hotel, Lewi Hotel & Resort and South Star International Hotel, earned four-star rating.

Additionally, of the four hotels in the region rated with three stars, three of them went to Hawassa, more specifically to Central Hotel, Gezahegn & Elfnesh Hotels & Resorts, and Oasis International Hotel. The fourth hotel, in Butajira, is Rediet Assefa International Hotel. The remaining hotels were awarded with two stars and one star.

“Star ranking helps hotels and resorts to further improve their services,” said Tadelech Dalecho, state minister for Culture & Tourism.

The rating was carried out based on their services and the study conducted in partnership with the World Tourism Organization (WTO).


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