SEMERA, ETHOPIA– Ethiopia and Djibouti held their 24th Regular Consultative Meeting of border administrators and commissioners in this town in northeastern Afar regional state this week to discuss ways of charting out future joint activities while noting that bilateral relations have helped to promote mutual benefits based on people-to-people relations.

In his closing remarks at the close of the meeting Wednesday, Mohammed Dirir, the Director-General for Neighboring Countries and IGAD Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the consultative meeting had helped to sustain the friendship and spirit of brotherhood between the two countries.

He added that the regular meetings had been instrumental in promoting people-to-people relations and to reduce any external vulnerability in a sustained manner. The meetings had helped to effectively curb the plots periodically hatched by anti-peace forces.

He further noted that one of the focus of the diplomatic and economic relations is to ensure mutual benefits of the people of both countries residing around their common border.

Suleiman Omer Abdulkadir, the head of the Djiboutian delegation to the meeting, said the three-day meeting had laid a solid ground towards resolving the two countries common problems, which in turn sustained mutual benefits and ensured peace across the border.

He stated that the delegates had agreed to promote trade, to combat illegal human trafficking and contraband along the borders of the two countries.

He further noted that his government was determined to conduct monitoring and evaluation on the practical implementation of the common tasks to be accomplished.

Ethiopian National Security and Information Services Public Relations Director Seleshi Demisew said the infrastructural facilities that are built and under construction are being utilized for the mutual development both countries.

He also pointed out that the meeting has discussed on ways of addressing issues relating to promoting tourist flow between the two countries.

According to him, introducing a new system to enhance trade, provision of services including health, education, and water development were among the many things agreed by both participants.

The 25th Regular Meeting of Ethio-Djibouti Border Administrators will take place next year in Djibouti.