Ethio-China Economic Cooperation Expanding Wide, Deep: Outgoing Ambassador

Addis Ababa: The economic cooperation between Ethiopia and China has expanded both in-depth and width over the past years, outgoing China’s Ambassador to Ethiopia said.

Ambassador Tan Jian told journalists today that the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries has achieved remarkable progress.

Ethio-Djibouti Railway, industrial parks along the economic corridor, Addis Ababa Light Railway, the new headquarters of Commercial Bank of Ethiopian are tangible landmarks of  Ethio-China development cooperation, he added.

“Chinese companies have continued to vigorously participate in Ethiopia’s infrastructure projects, creating tens of thousands of jobs for local people and to solidly promote the country’s economic and social development,” the outgoing ambassador stated.

Chinese business persons are investing heavily in textile, pharmaceutical, building materials, steel, ceramics and bamboo, he said, adding that “industrialization, investment and infrastructure are crucial for Ethiopia’s development.”

According to him, the diplomatic ties between the countries are strong and founded on political mutual trust. “Ethiopia is an indispensable partner of China in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on the African continent.”

Ambassador Tan Jian pointed out that “Ethiopia had approved over 1,500 FDI projects from China by the end of June 2020, and the FDI by stock amounts to around 2.7 billion USD accounting for 25 percent of the total FDI projects in Ethiopia this year.”

Although both countries are facing daunting challenges due to the global pandemic COVID-19,  true friendship stands out in difficult times, the ambassador observed.

At the critical moment of China’s fight against the pandemic, the Ethiopian government and its people provided timely and invaluable support to China, he recalled.

“Against all odds and mounting pressures, the direct flight routes between our two countries have never been severed. Because of the sober and wise decision not a single imported case was reported from China, and Ethiopian Airlines among the few airlines remains profitable during this trying time,” the ambassador noted.

He stressed that “we will never forget the vivid testaments to the precious Ethio-China friendship.”



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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