Entoto Park: A Stir Project other African Countries to Exemplar for Job Creation

Addis Abeba: Addis Ababa based members of the diplomatic community said Entoto Park is a model project for Africa to use its tourism resources for job creation.

The Entoto Park was inaugurated Saturday by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed where diplomatic corps and other dignitaries have presided over.

Burkina Faso Ambassador to Ethiopia, Leopold Tonguenoma said the tourism sector should have a strong role in Africa in the job creation agenda.

He pointed out that Ethiopia has huge potential for the tourism industry and the Entoto Park will have a tremendous contribution in boosting the sector in the country.

“Tourism sector is a great sector to provide job opportunities for our countries mainly Ethiopia is a great nation that has many potentialities. For us, it’s really a big project it could inspire other African countries to do so to take an example for Ethiopia and to go ahead. We really appreciate this project,” the Ambassador said.

He also stated the park can encourage other African countries to exemplar Ethiopia and undertake similar initiatives for their tourism sector development.

Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia, Raphael Morav on his part said Ethiopia is expected to be a tourist destination of the continent as it is the diplomatic seat of Africa.

“Ethiopia is a diplomatic capital of Africa and deserves to be a hub of tourism in Africa. In this respect, I am very pleased to see this Addis Ababa’s beautification and having more and more tourist attractions and I think that is the right path to development,” he said.

The Ambassador added that Ethiopia has huge potential for tourism and its one of the locomotive to bring about the economy to much higher level.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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