Eligible Gun-Holders to Register Firearms within Two Years: Attorney General

Attorney General called on the gun-holders across the country to register their firearms in the upcoming two years.

Attorney General, Adanech Abebie told ENA that scores of people currently possessed or carried unlicensed firearms have given two years in order to get their guns registered and licensed.

It is to be recalled that the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) early in January has passed a new proclamation that aims to regulate weapons’ possession and combat illegal trafficking of firearms.

The Attorney General said over the past few years illicit firearm trafficking has been increasing in Ethiopia particularly, around the borders areas which is posing a threat to the national peace and stability.

“What the government has realized that such illegal firearm trafficking is posing a real threat to the country’s stability and the situation forced us to introduce the bill to the illegal activities in this regard,” she said.

Adanech added that convinced that private gun ownership has been a common practice amongst various communities in Ethiopia and the government is considering that indeed.

“There are different unlicensed firearms being held by individuals currently and have to be registered within two years. So all people or institutions have to be licensed by recording their firearms in the given time,” Attorney General urged.

“Holding gun whether as a person or institutional level has its own purpose. As a result, the government should realize and establish the system that will operate the movement and trade of weapons,” she underscored.

The  United  Nations  ‘Plan  of Action  on Small  Arms and Light Weapons’ proposed a  program of action that calls on states to take steps to curtail the illicit traffic of Small Arms and Light Weapons.

The Program of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and  Light Weapons in All its Aspects termed measures that governments  of  member  states should take to control the  black  market  trade  in  arms.

Under the Programme of Action, governments agreed to improve national small arms laws, import-export controls, and stockpile management and to engage in cooperation and assistance.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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