Ekandjo Calls for Sports Hall of Fame

MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo has called on sports authorities to set in motion and without further delay the inevitable introduction of the much-anticipated Sports Hall of Fame, in recognition of the country’s leading athletes.

Ekandjo made the plea during yesterday’s launch of the historic World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Organisation (IBO) Bantamweight unification bout, featuring Namibian world champion Paulus ‘the Rock’ Ambunda and Moises ‘Chucky’ Flores of Mexico.

“Namibians have developed a tendency of worshipping athletes and artists from foreign countries, in the process forgetting there are also equally deserving heroes right on their doorstep. We need to develop a culture of recognising our own heroes. People like Harry Simon come to mind,” said the articulate MTC strongman.

In addition, he also expressed the hope that the establishment of the long overdue Hall of Fame would be beneficial to deserving athletes, notably those who have fallen on hard times upon retirement.

“There are dozens of our forgotten sports heroes and heroines, who are currently in a sorry state of affairs commercially, but once their names are engraved on the Hall of Fame… Such practice could come in handy as it will yield commercial benefits.”

At the same gathering, newly appointed chairman of the National Sports Commission (NSC) Dr Vetumbuavi Veii applauded the Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy.

“It takes a great deal of effort to organise events of such magnitude, so allow me to congratulate you for putting Namibia on the global map.

“In the same token I also want to recognise the efforts and financial contribution of both MTC and Multi-Choice Namibia, and of course the sacrifices made by our boxers.”

Long-serving boxing guru Ambrose Kandjii expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the academy in promoting top class international bouts on home soil, adding that he is quite satisfied and happy with the progress made by professional boxing in such a short period.

Source: NNN

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