Egypt’s Exertion to Interrupt GERD Construction Unacceptable: Scholars

Addis Ababa: Egypt’s effort to interrupt Ethiopia’s aspiration to develop by completing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) through submitting complaint letter to the UN Security Council is unacceptable, scholars said.

The scholars told ENA that third party can be involved in the pending issues on the very basis of the three countries [Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt] deal that is the Agreement on Declaration of Principles signed in 2015 in Khartoum, Sudan.

Hawassa University Legal Governance College Dean, Assistance Professor Tsegaye Tuke said Ethiopians need to eschew differences and unite on completing GERD as it is the national emblem and pride.

He added that Egypt’s claim is against Ethiopia’s principle of not causing any significant harm on down-stream countries.

It is essential to correct the historical unjust of granting water benefits for one side, Tsegaye said and noted “Egypt should accept the rights of Ethiopia for fair and reasonable utilization of the Nile Rivers.”

He further underscored that “having started the construction of GERD with domestic resources and determination to accomplish, demonstrates the firm stand to safeguard national sovereignty.”

Egypt left no stone unturned to either totally stop or delay the dam’s completion, he said, adding that “we need to put our differences aside and stand as one to contend with it.”

Daymo Dale, who is a Political Science scholar, said on his part there was no need to take part in the Washington D.C.negotiation as it has stirred bias in unfair ways.

“Egypt’s claim to the UNSC is unacceptable since its mandate about peace and security and not economy,” he emphasized.

Highlighting the need to pursue with the filling of GERD as scheduled, Daymo pointed out unceasing efforts should also be exerted to ascertain Ethiopia’s rights on legal basis.

Nile River and the riparian countries are found in Africa, he stated, and “there can never be a reason to accept the submission of an African issue to the UN Security Council” referring the issue to the African Union.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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