Djibouti, Nigeria Convey Message to PM Abiy on Election Victory

(ENA) The presidents of Djibouti and Nigeria have sent congratulatory messages to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for the landslide win he and the Prosperity Party have registered in the 6th General elections.

Djiboutian President Ismail Oguelleh congratulated Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on elections 2021 victory.

The President stated, “Under your leadership, the friendly Ethiopian nation is today providing the whole world with proof of its determination to embrace the modern values of a flourishing society in the long term, breaking with the demons of division where alliances are not based on the principle of ethnic cleavages but on that of the communion of ideas and visions.”

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has also congratulated the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, over the victory won by his party in the just-concluded parliamentary elections.

“On behalf of the Nigerian people, I send you and the people of Ethiopia our good wishes for your courage and commitment to the democratic process and urge you to continue with the good policies of your government that endeared you to the people,” the president said.

Source: Ethiopia News agency

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