Diplomats Urged to Foster Partnership for Success of Digital Transformation

Addis Ababa: Foreign Affairs Minister Gedu Andargachew urged Ethiopian diplomats today to give due attention to creating partnership for the success of the digital transformation in the country.

The diplomats were briefed on the Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy that aims to ensure job creation, inclusive prosperity, and foreign exchange earnings.

The minister said digital economy is imperative for Ethiopia as economic growth is unthinkable without science and technology.

Ethiopian diplomatic missions should play significant role to create opportunities while integrating their work in alignment with inclusive prosperity, he added.

According to him, technology will undoubtedly serve as springboard to enhancing productivity, and market competitiveness.

Innovation and Technology Minister, Abraham Belay said on his part that the strategy is designed in alignment with the Homegrown Economic Reform, the ten-year development plan, AU Continental Digital Strategy and Sustainable Development Goals.

The strategy will enable Ethiopia to gain benefit from the globally growing sector and ensure massive job opportunities, he noted.

The strategy prioritizes the unleashing of values in agriculture, manufacturing, and Information Technology services as a driver of tourism competitiveness.

Thus, the ministry has identified 15 short-term (18 months) and 7 mid-long-terms (up to 5 years) projects to address gaps and make digital transformation a reality.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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