Diaspora Community Provides 500 Mln Birr to Support Fight against COVID-19

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian diaspora community has provided over 500 million Birr to help the nation’s effort in the fight against COVID-19, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General, Selamawit Dawit said following the outbreak of the pandemic in Ethiopia, the agency has established a committee aimed at soliciting resources from the diaspora to support the nation’s fight against the pandemic.

As part of this national resource mobilization effort, the agency was able to raise 500 million Birr worth support both in cash and kind over the past six months.

The aid aimed at protecting medical professionals from getting exposed to the virus during their day to day activities, she stated.

The support includes gloves, face-masks, body masks, and thermometers among others.

In addition, Ethiopian and Ethiopian origin medical professionals have also been engaged in Ethiopia to help the nation tackle the disease, according to Selamawit.

Experts from the diaspora have also been providing professional advises to the government of Ethiopia to help effectively implement measures being taken to prevent the pandemic.

The participation of the diaspora community in supporting Ethiopians in this critical time is very much encouraging, she said.

Commending  for the unreserved support made so far, she called on the diaspora to continue its financial, material and expertise assistance to help the nation overcome the pandemic.

Ethiopia so far reported 81,797 cases, 1,262 death, and 36, 434 recoveries from the virus.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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