Deputy PM Stresses Need for State of Emergency to Save Lives

Addis Ababa: Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said the state of emergency is not a declaration imposed on the people but a legal instrumental meant to save lives.

National COVID-19 Ministerial Committee overseeing the implementation of the state of emergency has met today to assess the five months performance with the Emergency Inquiry Board.

During the meeting, the board reported that it has not found human rights violation and cases of inhumane treatment since the state of emergency came into effect.

Stating the importance of implementing the proclamation to control the spread of COVID-19, the  deputy premier noted that public negligence has been a constraint in the efforts of tackling  the virus.

In this regard, Demeke urged the public to play their parts for effective execution of the state of emergency.

The Emergency Inquiry Board on its part has rated positively the activities in implementing the state of emergency.

Yet, Emergency Inquiry Board Chairman Petros Woldesenbet said the government has not attained over 80 percent of the execution of  the proclamation so far. “This clearly demonstrates that the government needs to prioritize awareness creation as the best solution,” he stressed.

The chairman said the proclamation is, however, violated at market places and transports,  calling on the government to take corrective measures.

Petros further called on the establishment of quarantines at borders and the monitoring of  immigrants entering the country illegally.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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