Deputy PM Calls for Dev’t of River Basins, Immediate Rehabilitation of the Displaced

Addis Ababa: Stakeholders should focus on development of river basins in order to sustainably solve flood caused damages, Chair of the National Disaster Risk Management Coordination Council and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said.

Speaking at the National Disaster Risk Management Coordination Council which discussed the responses to COVID-19 and the flood crisis in the country today, the chairman said the heavy rains have caused damages on people living around Awash, Omo and Abbay river basins.

Even if the displacement of two million people was forecast, only about 170,000 have been displaced due to the effort made to minimize the risk, he added.

Since natural disasters due to climate change are inevitable  “our main focus should be on how to effectively reduce the damage,” the deputy premier underlined.

In this regard, Demeke noted that focusing on watersheds and basin development are critical to prevent floods in a sustainable way.

He particularly stressed the importance of paying special attention to upper river basins development and protection.

The chairman pointed out that the problem cannot be solved permanently by responding in the same way every year.

Alongside managing the rehabilitation of the displaced due to flood, Demeke also called for immediate rehabilitation of those displaced by the recent conflicts.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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