Commission to Unveil Officials Refusing Assets Registration

Addis Ababa :The Federal Anti-Ethics and Corruption Commission (FAECC) set to unveil names of government officials who rebuffed to complete assets registration process in two weeks.

Briefing journalists today, Asset Registration and Disclosure Director at the Commission, Mesfin Belayneh said most government officials are registering their assets based on legal process, however, some remain averse to register.

Therefore, the commission has enforced to reveal those officials’ name and positions to the public through mainstream media in bid to fight corruption.

The director noted that incomplete registration process of officials’ assets adversely affects access to information to the public and paves the ground for administrative corruption.

The commission urged senior government officials to respect the rule of law otherwise necessary measures will be taken as their reputation is not more than the interest of public.

Mesfin further noted that fighting corruption and promoting good public governance are among the main priorities of the government.

During this Ethiopian Fiscal Year, the commission has planned to register 84,460 government officials’ assets and wealth across the country except Afar and Somali.

So far the commission has managed to register over 47,180 assets of officials.

Earlier this month, the commission has launched information based Disclosure and Asset Registration System (DARS) to record assets of senior government officials.

The aim of disclosure is to prevent corruption and embezzle ment through enhancing good governance.

According to Disclosure and Registration of Assets Proclamation No.668 /2010 any newly appointed, elected or employed person shall disclose and register assets within 45 days following his appointment, election or employment.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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