City Deputy Mayor Urges Inhabitants to Celebrate Irrecha Peacefully Like Meskel

Addis Ababa  Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abeibie said the solidarity, unity and peace witnessed at the celebration of Meskel festival in the capital city should be repeated during Irrecha festival.

Irrecha is the Oromo equivalent of Thanksgiving which will be celebrated on October 23, 2020 in Addis Ababa.

The annual Meskel festival was celebrated in the capital city peacefully and colorfully last Saturday with a limited audience due to COVID-19.

At a press conference she held today, the deputy mayor expressed her appreciation to the security, religious leaders, the community and other stakeholders for their contribution to the peaceful celebration of Meskel.

Furthermore, Adanech called on the residents to repeat their good deeds and show solidarity, unity and love during the celebration of Irrecha festival.

Irrecha festival, like Meskel, will be celebrated with a limited number of people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Noting the Irrecha is a celebration of peace, reconciliation and unity among the Oromo people, she called on all participants to play their part in ensuring that the festival is celebrated peacefully.

The day will also be marked with a panel discussion starting tomorrow, it was learned.




Source: Ethiopia News agency

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