Business Delegation Head Stresses Paramount Significance of Dam to Sudan

Addis Ababa The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam would have much benefit for the people and government of Sudan, Head of a Sudanese Business Delegation visiting Ethiopia told ENA.

The business delegation head, Captain Tageldin Abuelgassim said the dam is of paramount significance to Sudan.

As the two countries have very good relation, development projects in Ethiopia would benefit Sudan, he added.

Moreover, GERD is a big project that will very much benefit Sudan and its people, head of the dlegation pointed out.

“It (GERD) is a very great project. I think that it is very important for Ethiopia and Sudan which have a very good relation. It serves Sudan too much; and this is a good benefit for Sudan,” he said.

Captain Abuelgassim noted that the relation between Ethiopia and Sudan is long-standing and tied with blood.

“Our relation is in blood. There is four hundred centuries of very good relation between Sudanese and Ethiopians,” he stated.

Strengthening business cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries is therfore crucial.

According to the head of the delegation, advancing people-to-people, business-to-business relationships, and all forms cooperation would result in development in all sectors in the region.

The Sudanese business delegation is on a ten-day visit to Ethiopia to explore investment opportunities in the country.


Source: Ethiopia News agency

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