Australian Assistance to Southern Africa

Today I announce the Australian Government will provide further support to southern Africa in response to the acute food shortages caused by severe El Nintilde;o conditions in the region.

Australia will provide $10 million to the World Food Programme to deliver food and nutritional support to 11.9 million drought-affected people in countries in southern Africa.

The current El Nintilde;o event has produced the driest growing season in southern Africa in over 35 years, compounding the effects of drought during the previous growing season. This has left 32 million people in the region without access to adequate food supplies including 2.7million children who are severely malnourished.

Australia has been active in the global response to the impact of El Nintilde;o, which has also had a devastating impact in the Indo-Pacific. Our response has focussed on funding lifesaving food, nutritional and livelihoods assistance for countries most affected in the Pacific and South East Asia as well as the Horn of Africa. Additionally, through our aid program we are investing in improving preparedness and resilience to climate variability that will help communities prepare for future periods of drought.

This additional funding brings Australia’s total contribution to $46 million for countries affected by El Nintilde;o.

Source: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.