Attorney General Holds Video Conference to Review the State of Emergency Execution

Addis ababa: Attorney General on Friday held a video conference with regional attorney generals and security officers to review the implementation of the state of emergency which has been declared early April to contain the spread of COVID-19.

As coronavirus has becoming a global health threat, Ethiopia has issued directives for execution of the State of Emergency Proclamation approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

On the occasion, all participants reported efforts being underway to implement the proclamation and the challenges experienced in reinforcing the prohibitions and restrictions in their respective regional states.

Following the video conference, Attorney General Adanech Abebie told ENA that since Ethiopia has made official the directive for the implementation of the state of emergency, commendable results have gained in some part of the country.

For Adanech, however, challenges have still remained in so many parts of the country particularly, lack of uniformity to execute the COVID-19 state of emergency and challenges to law enforcement activities.

She stated that the Attorney General has been receiving some complains in relation to the implementation of the proclamation contrary to the general content and sprit of the directive for the implementation of the state of emergency in some parts of the country.

Thus, the Federal Attorney Generals has been investigating the issues and it will take corrective measures in this regard, she affirmed.

Similarly, the Attorney Generals discussed on the implementation of firearms administration and control, human trafficking and migrant smuggling and hate speech and disinformation proclamations.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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