The leader of the newly created group, Ambazonia People Advocative Platform, APAP, Ngong Emmanuel, also known as Capo Daniel, has said his group has lifted the ban on products from Les Brasseries du Cameroun.

“…And also to announce to you a new ban against Supermont mineral water product sold in Ambazonia…We must treat both Brasseries as we treat equally as we treat the UCB of the Kadji group. Instead of this ban, our forces should demand owners to pay a liberation tax that should be proportional and collected by dominant forces of any area of their control…liberation tax should not be excessive.” Capo said.

“I have taken this decision and full responsibility and ask all Ambazonians who listen to me to abide by this law…without fear of any harassment,” he said in an 11 minutes 42 seconds video.

Capo Daniel a dissident of the Ambazonia Governing Council, was the group’s Spokesperson and Deputy Commander of the armed wing, Ambazonia Defense Forces, ADF. But he resigned in May 2023 citing differences in opinion with the leader of the AGovC, Ayaba Cho Lucas.

Mr. Daniel said the ban is an appropriate response to the incident that led to the death of journalist Anye Nsoh, in Bamenda. Anye was shot dead with a microphone in his hand as armed separatists stormed a bar to force an early closure.

“It will also eliminate Cameroon’s military network which has been relying on those selling the product for intelligence…It will also put an end to the black market in brewery products where we have discrepancies in prices,” he continued.

Since the conflict started in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions in 2016, bar owners selling brewery products from Les Brasseries du Cameroun, have been targets. The Separatists fighting for a new state, said the target is because the company is French-owned, former colonial master of Cameroon.

Thousands have died and hundreds are now refugees in Nigeria while millions of others have been internally displaced.

Source: Cameroon News Agency