Ambassador Asserts that GERD Filling Changed Downstream Countries Status Quo

Addis Ababa :  The first phase filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has visibly changed the century-old downstream countries status quo, particularly Egypt, on the Nile River, according to Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Uganda.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Alemtsehay Meseret said the construction of the dam is transformational not only to Ethiopia but also to the region and the continent at large.

The dam is a practical testimony for other African countries that they can achieve development through utilizing their natural resources, she added.

Despite contributing 86 percent of the water, Ethiopia was not able to benefit from Nile River, the ambassador noted, adding that the completion of GERD will have transformational effect.

According to Alemtsehay, “GERD is irreversible and changing the historical and legal status quo as well as the media narratives set by the downstream countries. Nowadays there is another perspective from Ethiopia on using water equitably. And Ethiopia is joined by other Nile basin countries.”

Ethiopia has been inviting downstream countries for negotiations on the principles of reasonable and equitable share of the resource, the ambassador stated, describing the filling of GERD as a “remarkable achievement both for Ethiopia and all the upper stream countries.”

To date Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda have ratified the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA).

However, it will not enter into force until at least 60 days after six countries have ratified or acceded to the document and deposited it with the African Union.

The Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) intends to establish a framework to promote integrated management, sustainable development, and harmonious utilization of the water resources of the basin, as well as their conservation and protection for the benefit of present and future generations among Nile basin countries.



Source: Ethiopia News agency

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