Daily Archives: March 22, 2020

Dr. Catherine Hamlin Laid to Rest

The late obstetrician Dr. Catherine Hamlin was laid to rest today at St. Peter-Paul Catholic cemetery today. Many mourners gathered in Addis Ababa to pay their final respect to Hamlin’s corpse which  was attended by her family members and colleagues. Dr. Catherine Hamlin, who provided life-changing reconstructive surgery for obstetric fistula for more than 60,000

Medical Supplies Donated by Jack Ma Foundation Arrives in Addis Ababa

The first shipment of medical supplies donated by the Chinese Jack Ma Foundation to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in African countries arrived on Sunday morning in Addis Ababa.  Prime Minister  Abiy Ahmed, with the Chinese tycoon Jack Ma, founder of the Jack Ma Foundation, and the Alibaba Foundation have jointly launched a relief

Ethiopia Confirms two More Cases Of Coronavirus

Addis Ababa Ethiopia has confirmed two more cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) today, bringing the total number to 11. One is a 28- year old Ethiopian, who arrived in Ethiopia on March 14, 2020 from Belgium on March 14, 2020, confirmed positive for COVID-19, Ministry of Health revealed. The second is also a 34 years old