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TECNO Mobile Brings Sony’s First 64MP Smartphone Camera to Africa

HONG KONG, March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile (www.TECNO-mobile.com) is changing the world of smartphone cameras in emerging markets once again with the upcoming launch of its smartphone CAMON 15 series. It is said that CAMON 15 series camera will be supported by the cutting-edge SONY chip, which is recognized as the leader in this industry.

The launch will be one small step for the CAMON 15 series, and one giant leap for TECNO – TECNO CAMON 15 shall be the first smartphone armed with the cutting-edge SONY Chip unveiled in the African market, and the CAMON 15 series camera’s high definition technology will enter a new phase.

TECNO CAMON 15 Premier

With superior design specifications as well as exquisite sensor technological capacity, the SONY chip provides strong support to the camera’s performance, e.g., one of the most striking benefits of Sony’s chip on the camera is how much detail it can pack into each facet of photography, rendering minute details at the pixel-level. The picture quality is much better than other chips with the same pixel, and details are clearly represented. Even a dark portrait is bright and clear.

While taking a photo with a smartphone equipped with a SONY chip, even after zooming in to the extreme, every detail is perfectly captured and shown. Click the digital shutter to capture beautiful views and unforgettable memories, and you will find that every detail is displayed purely and clearly. Think sweeping evening landscapes with still-life detail you can zoom right into, and you are starting to get the picture.

Recently, some global technology media forecasted the smartphone technology innovation in the 2020s and which stated that increasing quantities of megapixels is going to be the key trend in 2020s. Smartphone users have an insatiable appetite for high quantities of pixels and the manufacturers are trying their best to figure out ways to improve pixel performance in order to meet people’s growing needs. Undoubtedly, TECNO Mobile is on the right path with this innovation.

Sources even say the new TECNO CAMON 15 series might be equipped with a whopping 64 megapixels for the ultimate high definition photography experience. Once released, it will be the first phone in Africa to run on the SONY chip, a great breakthrough for the smartphone industry in Africa. 64 megapixels would be another huge breakthrough in smartphone pixel technology.

How exactly will the TECNO CAMON 15 series could very well perform like the next photography king after the marriage with SONY, will it be the next photography king?  Let’s stay tuned.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1134342/TECNO_CAMON_15_Premier.jpg

BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. Names Jurgens Van Loggerenberg Africa Head Of Operations

Emerging Global Cleantech Company Expanding Groundbreaking Anti-Toxic Algae Treatment for Drinking Water in Africa

Emergency Drinking Water Treatment to Deploy in South Africa this Month

BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa, March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. (“BlueGreen”), a global cleantech company, announced today that it has named Jurgens Van Loggerenberg as its Africa Head of Operations. In this role, Van Loggerenberg’s focus will be providing regulators, local municipalities, water utility companies and private communities in the South African market access to BlueGreen’s rapid-response and result-driven toxic algae treatment.

BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. (“BlueGreen”), a global cleantech company, announced today that it has named Jurgens Van Loggerenberg as its Africa Head of Operations.

Blue green algae blooms have been declared a global problem with severe health effects on both humans and animals by the World Health Organization. The toxic algae increases each year in severity and frequency and has become a major concern to regulators and communities all over the world. BlueGreen Water Technologies’ US EPA-approved algaecides have been introduced as a groundbreaking treatment to combat the worldwide cyanobacteria epidemic.

With 20 years of experience in water treatment, Van Loggerenberg brings extensive knowledge, experience and commitment to this position. Van Loggerenberg began his career servicing the water treatment plants of the Kruger National Park and subsequent roles included responsibilities at municipal purification plants in Mpumalanga. He has worked with the German water treatment company Süd-Chemie as a technical and sales support for water treatment plants throughout South Africa. In 2016, he joined the South African chemical group of companies AECI under Improchem as Public Water Industry Specialist. During his 20-year tenure in water treatment, Van Loggerenberg established chlorine dioxide in drinking water applications as an Advanced Oxidation Process in eutrophic raw water. He has conducted extensive research in this field and contributed to a chlorine dioxide publication as co-author and holds two patents to his name.

“I’m proud to join BlueGreen Water Technologies. As a water custodian I believe that working for water, our scarcest resource, is not a job, but a life mission,” said Van Loggerenberg. “BlueGreen’s work around the world and proven success is bringing cutting edge pragmatic solutions to combat the toxic cyanobacteria that is suffocating aquatic ecosystems. They offer both short and long-term solutions – and hope – to where it’s most needed. Treating lakes and dams with cost-effective solutions that alleviate blooms within hours is in reach.”

“We’re excited to have Jurgens aboard the BlueGreen team,” said Eyal Harel, CEO of BlueGreen Water Technologies. “His outstanding professional capabilities and understanding of both water and people has forged long term relationships in an industry that relies on science and trust. We’re confident that his experience and connections will pave the way for the Lake Guard™ Blue and Lake Guard™ Oxy to be adopted into the African market where the pursuit of clean water is first and foremost a humanitarian matter.”

About BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd.
BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. (“BlueGreen”) is a privately-owned global cleantech company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, dedicated to developing novel solutions to water-related problems. BlueGreen’s portfolio currently consists of two commercially-available products, Lake Guard™ Blue™ and Lake Guard™ Oxy which are designed to remediate and prevent the occurrence of cyanobacterial toxic blooms, commonly known as “blue green algae.” BlueGreen is further developing new powerful monitoring capabilities designed to support local communities to timely identify and treat early-stages of algal blooms and avoid the ramifications of a full-blown blooms. For more information, please visit www.bgtechs.com, and connect with the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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President Sahlework, Kagame Hold Talks

President Sailework Zewdie, who arrived today in Rwandan capital Kigali, held discussion with President Paul Kagame on wide range of bilateral issues.

The visit is part of the Government of Ethiopia to elucidate its position on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) to Africa, particularly Nile Basin countries.

It is to be recalled that the government has sent high-level delegations across Europe and Africa to sustain and create clear insightful on the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

As part of the move, President Sahlework led Ethiopia’s delegation to Kenya Rwanda and now to Rwanda to expound the negotiations on GERD among Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.

Both Kenyan and Uganda leaders reiterated the importance of ensuring the equitable and sustainable use of the Nile River waters.

Likewise, a high-level delegation led by former president Mulatu Teshome, has concluded same mission to deliver message of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to the leadership of the European Union Council and Commission as well as to French president Emmanuel Macron.

During his encounter with the EU and French officials, Mulatu explained that Ethiopia has been committed to find a win-win solution to the ongoing negotiations with lower riparian countries.

He explained at length Ethiopia’s commitment, from the outset, to promote the principles of equitable and reasonable utilization and not causing significant harm.

Mulatu further explained that based on the clear stipulation of the Declaration of Principles signed between the three parties in 2015, Ethiopia will have to continue the first filling of the GERD in parallel with the construction of the Dam.

Moreover, he expressed the need to set the record straight that Ethiopia has never backed down on the ongoing negotiations on the matter but rather requested all parties to the negotiation for more time to conclude its national consultation on the status of the negotiation.

Both the EU and the French officials have noted Ethiopia’s intent to look for a win- win solution.

They have also further affirmed the discussion has helped them understand what salient differences lay in the negotiation and expressed their wishes for the three parties to reach a mutual understanding on the matter.

The engagement is believed to have helped clear Ethiopia’s position on the status of the negotiation and get an understanding from the EU and France.

Source: Ethiopia News agency

South Africa: ‘National State of Disaster,’ President Says

South Africa has declared a “national state of disaster” because of COVID-19.

“Given the scale and the speed at which the virus is spreading, it is now clear that no country is immune from the disease or will be spared its severe impact,” South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said Sunday.

South Africa has 61 cases of the disease. Ramphosa said 50 of the cases were contracted by people who had traveled abroad, but the rest were contracted within South Africa. “It is concerning that we are now dealing with internal transmission of the virus,” he said.

The president said the disease could have a “potentially lasting” effect on South Africa.

In an effort to limit South Africans’ exposure to the coronavirus, South Africa has imposed a travel ban on foreign nationals from high-risk countries. Those countries include Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and China. The ban will begin March 18, the president said.

In addition, South Africa closed 35 of its 53 land ports Monday

Source: Voice Of America

Morocco to Close Eateries, Cinemas, Theaters, Other Entertainment Venues

Morocco will close eateries, cinemas, theaters, sports, public clubs, baths, and other entertainment venues starting from today over coronavirus fears, the Interior Ministry said.

Markets, and shops selling necessary goods as well as restaurants offering a delivery service are exempt, the ministry said in a statement.

Morocco, which confirmed 29 coronavirus cases, including one death and one recovery, suspended all international flights, closed schools and banned gatherings of more than 50 people.

Source: Voice Of America