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Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Ethiopia Rises to Four

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Ethiopia Ethiopia confirmed on Sunday three more cases tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to four.

The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) has been tracing the contacts of the first confirmed case on March 13, 2020 where 117 contacts were traced and being quarantined under close follow up.

Based on the tracing, the EPHI found three more positive cases for COVID-19, according to the Ministry of Health.

The three case including two Japanese citizens aged 44 and 47 as well as one Ethiopian aged of 42, who are working in Addis Ababa, had a close contact with the first confirmed case.

“The clinical condition of the first confirmed case is progressing well and currently does not have clinical symptoms and under close medical follow up at designated isolation and treatment center,” the Ministry said.

The three cases were captured through the active follow of the traced contacts and are currently confined and hospitalized thou they are in a stable condition, the Ministry revealed.

Ethiopia has intensified its preventative measures including surveillance and testing facilities to ensure that it can manage to provide urgent health responses.

Source: Ethiopia News agency

PM Abiy, Jack Ma Concur to Contain CODIV-19 in Africa

Addis Ababa Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Chairman of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, agreed on ways to contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Africa.

Premier Abiy met and discussed with Jack Ma this morning at Office of the Prime Minister in Addis Ababa. The two sides have also agreed to combat the spread of coronavirsu in Africa.

During the discussion, Abiy said ensuring preparedness to contain COVID-19 posed health disasters in Africa is critical, according to office of the Prime Minister.

He appreciated Jack Ma for partnering with Ethiopia to distribute 10-20k coronavirus testing kits per country and more than 100k masks for each African country.

In addition, the support package includes distribution of guideline books developed recently on how to treat patients with the virus.

Material support coupled with enhanced knowledge is crucial for COVID-19 containment, it was indicated.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has confirmed the first case of coronavirus (COVID-19) last week after a 48 year Japanese tested positive.

First breakout in China, COVID-19 is affecting 153 countries and territories around the world, it was learnt.

Africa has so far largely been spared the rapid spread of COVID-19, which has infected over 157,000 and killed over 5,000 worldwide.

Source: Ethiopia News agency